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On February 16th, Dave held his most ambitious performance to date – a living fusion with the title "The Fall of Athens", which was held on top of Philopappou hill in Athens, Greece. It was an instant success: Such was the power of the images presented that over the next few days footage of the performance was featured in literally hundreds of media outlets around the world, including MSNBC, Euronews, ITV, The Times, der Stern, Xinhua News, Macleans, Basler Zeitung, 20 minutes, Blick and The Wall Street Journal's own livemint.com.

This performance marks the beginning of Dave's own journey. After helping the ARTMARATHON to get on the road, Dave will now travel on with a project of his own: The Fusion Journey. While he retains his role as a founder of the ARTMARATHON, he is once again concentrating his artistic energy on his own undertakings.

"The Fall of Athens" was the first performance in a series of many still to come, each of which will be held in another city somewhere in the world.

A video of the performance has just been released and is available at www.fusionjourney.com, where you will be able to follow Dave's travels and works from now on.
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For the next 42 years, the ARTMARATHON will travel around the world to produce art that is authentic, art that truly connects to people and reflects the issues of our time. We do not know where the road will take us or what the years will bring, but we do know this: This will be a journey unlike any other.
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