From 42 trees to 42 years: Planting art for a greener Athens (EuroCharity)

ARTMARATHON, an international non-profit Swiss foundation, and Athens-based EuroCharity jointly planted 42 trees on Mt. Pentelikon on Sunday morning, as part of a global, 42-year "ARTMARATHON" that commenced in Marathon, Greece on December 10, 2008.

Mr. Benedikt Morandi, President, ARTMARATHON, his wife Mrs. Rabea Morandi (Co-Director, ARTMARATHON) and Mr. Peter Michel Heilmann, President, EuroCharity, planted these Greek trees as part of a large-scale replanting initiative involving over 30,000 volunteers and 40,000 trees.

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For the next 42 years, the ARTMARATHON will travel around the world to produce art that is authentic, art that truly connects to people and reflects the issues of our time. We do not know where the road will take us or what the years will bring, but we do know this: This will be a journey unlike any other.
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